Bristol Open


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Our Vision

The Bristol Open was resurrected in 2009 by Sean Veira, Sharon Gill and Andy Cleeves with a clear purpose to shape up the standards of sports martial arts competitions in the UK. We have since taken small steps year on year to improve our event and now have a broader vision. We are chasing the tail of the leading competitions in the World with a focus on growth and improvement far ahead of profits. We Endeavour to be the UK yearly calendar date on the world circuit with a reputation for efficiency, fair play and hospitality.

Our competition is run once a year by martial artists for martial artists. Although we have travelled the globe for many years competing in every major tournament and making friends in many countries we are not looking for your support. Our goal is instead to create an offering that anyone serious about points and continuous fighting can′t refuse. We are now attracting major fighters form all over Europe and the US to rival our UK stars. We offer more prize money than any other competition of its kind in the UK and this will increase as we develop further. 

Our strength is our consideration for fighters of all levels, ages, and abilities and our attention to question every element of our event as it concludes before we beginning planning the next. Our organisers and under committee take huge pride in this event and the intensity of our desire is what has enabled us to develop so rapidly over our first fiver years. We will continue to learn, improve and care now and long into the future.

Yours in kick ass events

Andy Cleeves, Sean Veira & Sharon Gill